Ransfords are one of just a few companies who are able to offer pressure impregnated timber Fencing, Stiles, Gates and factory built Environmental Noise Barriers compliant with the exacting standards for ‘highway works’ specified in drawings HCD; H1 to H48 and NC2504.

Download a copy of our certification here

In order to deliver against this specification Ransfords have made a significant investment in specialist incising equipment capable of achieving the HA criteria.

This investment has been made ahead of the results of the WPA field trials which the Association believes will demonstrate the efficacy of the incising approach.

A unique treatment system to keep things simple

Where naturally durable timbers are used, such as the redwoods which make up the vast majority of our production, most contractors have been more than satisfied with timber treated to the Highways Standard that existed previously.

We propose to continue treating to that high standard unless it is clear that the ground contact timber needs to be supplied to the new specification. In fact, we now treat to three distinct grades:

Treatments GradeUse ClassIn GroundIncisedTreatment CertificateTimber Sizes
Standard4YesNoNoAny Product
Ultra4YesNoYesAny Product
Ultra HAHA4YesYesYesHighways Agency Spec

Timber species and moisture content

At Ransfords the strict selection of timber species and control of moisture content prior to pressure impregnation of preservative are combined with adherence to BS3470, BS 1722 (where applicable), Series 300-quality and Series 311- preservation.

These procedures are all underpinned by accreditation to National Highways Sector Scheme 4 and the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and in turn audited by BM TRADA.

The Highways Manual

Volume 1 Specification for Highway Works Volume 1 contains the requirements and approvals procedures for work, goods or materials used in the construction, improvement or maintenance of the Trunk Road network.

Volume 2 Notes for Guidance on the Specification for Highway Works Volume 2 gives advice and guidance in the implementation of the specifications given in Volume 1, as well as examples of tables and appendices necessary for the contract.

Volume 3 Highway Construction Details Volume 3 contains drawings to be used in the preparation of contracts for the construction, improvement and maintenance of the Trunk Road network.

If you require timber for ‘highway works ‘ as specified in these Volumes 1, 2 or 3 please call our Sales Team on 01588 638331 or e-mail Ransfords now for a quotation.