This is what we do…

When people new to sawmilling ask us what we do at Ransfords we have a standard answer which is perfectly demonstrated in this picture: we take round logs and turn them into rectangular-shaped lengths of timber.

The trailer on the left has a nice load of 4.9m redwood logs from Savernake Forest to the south of Marlborough. On the trailer on the right is a load of redwood cladding heading to a customer in the North of England. It’s great to see a sustainable product like timber being specified for such uses more often these days as architects become increasingly aware of the material’s environmental credentials.

Of course, behind our simple explanation of what we do lies millions of pounds invested in plant and machinery to ensure that no part of the log is wasted – even the sawdust and wood chips become saleable products. We power the mill in part with a vast array of solar panels, we have a team of local people with unrivalled experience in the harvesting and milling of Great British Timber, and of course, we have almost 150 years of history on our side.

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