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We mill the timber using some of the most advanced sawmilling technology in the UK enabling us to achieve the maximum yield of useable timber from every log.

What a difference a day makes!

This is the new floor in the tray sorter area. The new tray sorter will sort, cut, and stack sleepers and gate posts which are at the larger and heavier end of our product range. The new system will be much more efficient and will also put an end to the need for manual handling.

Work on the new post pointing line is coming on

This picture shows progress on installing the new inciser which will ensure that we can comply more efficiently with the Highways Agency treatment standard specifying that all timber such as posts in ground contact must be incised. The idea is that incised timber will absorb more treatment material deeper into the post. The new line… Read more »

Pay us a flying visit!

Our thanks to Martin Jones who works in our Timber Treatment Centre for this fly through the Mill. The bird’s eye views in particular give a very clear idea of the size and scale of the operation.at the home of Great British Timber

Work is progressing nicely on our new line

We’re in the home straight now in the construction of the new incisor and post pointing line. The inciser has completed its journey from Oregon to Shropshire and the electricians are starting the process of making everything work.. We were delighted to receive this 3D render of the new line from manufacturer Kalfass over the… Read more »

Our new line is coming together nicely

As you can see from this image we’ve made huge strides in setting out the new lines for adding various added-value finishes to posts from 75mm to 200mm. There’s still a lot to do and even more equipment to arrive – but we’re getting there!

Now this is what you call a full load

We set great store here by being as efficient as we can with our deliveries. A full wagon load is an efficient wagon load: good for the environment and sound business sense. Even we were surprised however by this beauty: 43 cubic metres of air dried timber ready for delivery in a covered trailer to… Read more »

3 nations timber – and a pat on the back

Here’s a sight for sore eyes: a full load of Welsh Larch that has been cut at our sawmill in England ready for delivery to a customer in Scotland. Talk about Great British Timber! On the subject of delivery, it was really good to receive this feedback from a customer in Somerset yesterday: “We just… Read more »

This is what we do…

When people new to sawmilling ask us what we do at Ransfords we have a standard answer which is perfectly demonstrated in this picture: we take round logs and turn them into rectangular-shaped lengths of timber. The trailer on the left has a nice load of 4.9m redwood logs from Savernake Forest to the south… Read more »

Ransfords from the air

One of things that visitors coming to the sawmill for the first time comment on is the sheer buzz of the place: there’s always something going on as the we take logs in, process them, and then send the finished timber products on their way. One important feature of that process is that nothing in… Read more »