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The first post

? The construction of the new incisor and post pointing line is now virtually complete and this clip shows the very first post being pointed. A great day for Ransfords and a fantastic achievement by everyone who has been involved in the project.

New kit on the block

A new Volvo L120H has joined our team after an 18 month wait. These vehicles handle the co-products which arise from our sawmilling operation. In fact, 38% of what we cut ends up as sawdust, chip and bark which are sold on for a wide variety of uses. You can see the pride our operators… Read more »

How an old concrete floor becomes a new forest road

People who know Ransfords will know that we don’t waste anything*. We’re like the butcher using every part of the pig but the squeal – except the fact is we’d probably try to find a way to use the squeal. This picture shows the floor we’ve just dug out in the building where the new… Read more »

What a difference a day makes!

This is the new floor in the tray sorter area. The new tray sorter will sort, cut, and stack sleepers and gate posts which are at the larger and heavier end of our product range. The new system will be much more efficient and will also put an end to the need for manual handling.

A hive of activity

Scenes of feverish but well organised activity here as the concrete is poured for the new floor  in the building where the new tray sorter will be housed.. The new tray sorter will sort, cut, and stack sleepers and gate posts. These items are at the larger and heavier end of our product range so… Read more »


Wherever possible we allow forests to regenerate naturally as shown here where new growth is coming from the seeds scattered by the trees that once stood here. On average, trees absorb one tonne of CO2 for every cubic metre of growth. They also produce the oxygen we breathe – an average of 727 kilograms of… Read more »

Drum roll please for the next project!

Work has now started on the next phase of improvements. WBC are pictured here removing concrete ready for a new floor for the tray sorter. The tray sorter will sort, cut, and stack sleepers and gate posts – items which are at the larger end of our production. It’s all part of our continuing policy… Read more »

Work on the new post pointing line is coming on

This picture shows progress on installing the new inciser which will ensure that we can comply more efficiently with the Highways Agency treatment standard specifying that all timber such as posts in ground contact must be incised. The idea is that incised timber will absorb more treatment material deeper into the post. The new line… Read more »


We replant after felling with seedlings that are grown on specialist nurseries like this one from seed of native origin. Great British Timber is British from the very start.

Pay us a flying visit!

Our thanks to Martin Jones who works in our Timber Treatment Centre for this fly through the Mill. The bird’s eye views in particular give a very clear idea of the size and scale of the operation.at the home of Great British Timber