Support for local causes

At Ransfords we’re proud to be part of the local community and happy to help local charities and voluntary organisations with one-off donations where we can. Each year we allocate a sum of money which is available in cash or in kind to help local projects. Points to note are

We won’t fund administration or running costs
We’ll give priority to projects which our employees have a connection with – either directly or through their families
Funding is made available in January each year. We’ll try to make sure that some money is available over the whole year but once the budget for the year is used up no more funding will be available until the following January
In light of the last point, we’re more likely to be able to grant small requests than make very large donations

Applications for support must be made to . Please include brief details of your cause, what any support we might offer would be used for, and how it would benefit the local community