Noise Barriers Double Sided Reflective System

Ransfords has the environmentally sound solution to reduce noise pollution.

Whether it’s motorway, railway, industrial or a domestic development we have a system tested to standards recognised by the Highways Agency that will suit your needs. In recent years there have been dramatic increases in environmental noise pollution.  Recognising noise problems, Ransfords has taken natural home grown materials and turned them into effective noise reduction screens for use in noise prone environments.


  • Environmentally friendly timber construction
  • Meets stringent Highways Agency requirements
  • A heavier and more robust system than the popular Single Sided Reflective System, the Double Sided system is very popular in industrial applications to minimise noise pollution
  • Reflects noise on both sides of the barrier
  • Anti-Climb Design incorporating hidden structural components thus reducing the risk of intrusion very popular in environments where there is heavy pedestrian presence such as in the vicinity of Railways, Schools and Public Houses
  • Up to 33Db noise* reduction
  • When combined with steel posts the double sided reflective system is better suited to high wind loading situations


  • Highways
  • Railways
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Schools /sports venues


  • Category =B3
  • Laboratory tested Sound Reduction up to 33Db
  • Superficial mass 23.32 kg/m2
  • Category Rating according to BS EN 1793-2: 1998