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Jenny MacGregor gives her buildings and land completely free of charge to the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies (SWHP) and also acts as an unpaid volunteer. I met Jenny at a horse show and it is quite humbling to meet someone so dedicated to the welfare of horses. Jenny has also received an MBE for her work.

Jenny being presented with an award by Martin Clunes for their dedication to Equine Welfare by the British Horse Society – November 2011

Jenny being presented with an award by Martin Clunes for their dedication to Equine Welfare by the British Horse Society – November 2011

Being a supporter, I received their Summer Newsletter recently and below is an extract. If anyone reading this can help with a donation, or by becoming a supporter themselves, whereby you receive the SWHP’s Newsletters, please do get in contact with them. Every penny raised goes towards getting a horse or pony back to full health. Adult membership costs £10 per annum, Junior (under 16) is £5 per annum and Family membership is £15 per annum. Please fill in the SWHP’s membership form on their website.

Pauline Noble
Ransfords Equestrian Surfaces



Extract from the SWHP’s Summer Newsletter…

“Jenny and I feel enormously privileged and very lucky. Privileged because we live in a most beautiful place and also because, despite our advancing years, we are still fully occupied in doing work which we both enjoy and which is very rewarding indeed. And we feel lucky, because we have such wonderful support from all of you who read these Newsletters.

Looking ahead we do need forward planning strategy. However old one is, one holds to the belief that one has another 20 years or so. It is certainly the way that Jenny and I live our lives, but it is at some stage certainly untrue. Of more immediate importance is the stark fact that during those putative 20 years one’s strength wanes somewhat.

Thus it is that neither of us is any longer involved on a daily basis with the manual work, though there are times when we have to be. We are, nevertheless, fully occupied with management and the collection and delivery of horses and maintenance work on the farm. Logic dictates that there are only two solutions. One is to cut back the operation and take in fewer horses and ponies. This is simply not acceptable to us and, I am sure, not acceptable to our many supporters. We have always been proud of the fact that, if animals are in need of help, then we shall help, and we must keep to that for as long as possible.

The solution is therefore to employ more staff. As both Jenny and I work without any pay, our part replacement by paid help means that we shall need to raise more money. No charity could wish for more generous or more loyal supporters than has the SWHP and I have no intention of asking any of our current supporters to increase their already generous donations. However, what I am doing is asking you to speak to a friend, someone who you know to have an interest in horses and their welfare, ask them to view our web site and do your best to persuade them to become a supporter in however small a way.

One of our supporters said to me recently that the thing that she liked most about our Newsletter was that we never asked for money, but made it quite clear that without money the work would have to stop. So, really, I’m passing the buck and asking you to enrol new supporters. Even the smallest donation makes a real difference.

If you can help in this way we know that, with the continued cooperation with other equine charities, the work of the SWHP will continue for as many of those optimistically imagined 20 years as is possible. Please do your best”

Written by Jenny’s late husband Alasdair MacGregor
on behalf of the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies


It was Alasdair’s words which moved Ransfords to donate a page on our website to the SWHP. Our site has a lot of on-line visitors and I hope that in this way Ransfords can help Jenny raise much needed funds for this wonderful charity. Please do your best, however small even if it’s only £1, but remember £10 gives you membership and the SWHP Newsletters are very uplifting. Every penny will be well used for our beloved equines.

If you would like to make a donation on line please click here or please send a cheque to

The Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies
The Horse Hospital
St Maughans
NP25 5QF
Telephone: 01600 750233
Registered Charity Number 266247

Can you re-home a horse or pony?

There are usually between 30 and 40 horses and ponies in care at The Horse Hospital at any one time and no animal ever leaves the Charity’s ownership. When fully recovered they are not sold but enter their loan scheme and are found homes matched to their age, fitness and abilities. If you are looking for a riding or companion horse or pony, please visit the SWHP’s web site to view those equines looking for a new home. Personally, I think this is an excellent idea because if illness or accident unfortunately befalls the keeper, or there is a change in financial circumstances and continuing to keep a horse proves impossible, then your horse could be sent back to the safe hands of the SWHP and there wouldn’t be the added worry of re-homing your friend.

Anything equine that you don’t use any more

When my aged companion pony passed away (49 years old!) I sent her rugs and head collars to the SWHP. If you have anything equine still in good condition that you do not use or no longer require please do think about donating it to the SWHP. It might be worth a phone call first though just to make sure that the item(s) would be fully utilised.

Thank you if you feel you can offer Jenny your support for this wonderful charity.

Pauline Noble
Ransfords Equestrian Surfaces