products Natural, proven equestrian surfaces for speed and stamina

At the forefront of the surfacing market for 30 years Ransford Equestrian combines the latest advances in timber technology with all the eco-friendly natural benefits of wood to provide the best quality and most durable equestrian woodfibre on the market.

Our products are great for your horses…
dust extracted, bark-free British wood fibre – the upgrade on woodchipsurface knits together to absorb shock, & build stamina…no contamination or synthetic dust from recycled material…gallop, canter, trotting, arena and turnout grades available

…and even better for your business.
made in the UK especially for the Equestrian sector with customer service second to none…all weather surface…no exorbitant landfill charges…natural, durable, British material requires fewer top-ups and saves money

5 things you need to know about our equestrian surfaces

1 We believe that natural surfaces are better for the horse, better for the trainer, and better for the environment.

Why would you put a valuable (or even just a much-loved) horse to work on recycled synthetic material that comes from who-knows-where and contains heaven-knows-what which, when airborne, can be absorbed by both the horse and rider?
Why, moreover, would anyone want to pollute the ground and rural environment in which we are lucky enough to live and work, with material that can come from recycling facilities half way round the world?
And why would you leave yourself with a landfill headache and an exorbitant disposal cost when you don’t need to?
Common sense says that for the wonderful creatures we work with, for the surroundings in which we work, and for the bottom line of our businesses, natural is best.

2 We remove the dust and make our surfaces bark-free.

Since their businesses depend upon it we think that the racing and polo professionals we supply know rather more than most about the lung capacity of the horse.
That being said, we have learnt enough in the decades we’ve been doing this to know that dust and equine fitness just don’t go together. That’s why we make sure that dust is removed before it leaves us, and, since the bark is removed far earlier in the process, you won’t find any of that in there either.
Why does that matter? Because bark produces dust when dry, holds water which freezes in Winter, and attacks and breaks down the core training surface thus reducing its lifespan.

3 We don’t use any recycled material.

Quite simply, the health and fitness of the horse is too important to run the risk of surface contamination or potential airborne synthetic dust. So, our equestrian surfaces are guaranteed fresh, virgin material with no risk of these. Also remember that with our surface you will face no exorbitant landfill costs.

4 We only use British materials.

Our bark-free woodfibre has been produced to the correct particle size in a controlled environment so knits together beautifully to form the right kind of shock absorbent training surfaces for racehorses, polo ponies and top flight eventers, producing peak fitness.
Whether you’re after speed, stamina or agility, we have the right solution with different woodfibre grades to help you create the perfect training regime.
Our specially chosen wood species is also naturally durable and will take the repeated pounding associated with intense training giving years of service.  This means a longer-lasting surface with fewer top-ups and money saving guaranteed.
The in-built qualities and cost saving of the surface aside, we’re proud of the fact that we only use British material. It makes for a more environmentally friendly product with fewer lorry miles travelled before, during and after production.  That has to be good news for everyone.

5 We are chosen by the most respected equestrian professionals in the UK – and have been for decades.

You wouldn’t expect us to list them here but the fact is we supply the top flight trainers you most respect for their professionalism and for their results. Why do they choose Ransfords?
The merits of our products aside, the things they also value are our commitment to excellence in our own field and standards of service that are second-to-none. Phrases like ‘going the extra mile’ and ‘going above and beyond’ turn up often in letters and emails of thanks.

Natural, no synthetic dust, and contaminant free, no landfill costs, effective, durable and with great customer service. Grades available for gallop, canter, trotting, arena and turnout to suit each training requirement. It really does make for a winning combination!



      • The most durable wood on the market….Firm, safe riding surface….Characteristic bounce….Extremely good tendon protection….Builds muscle and stamina….Good in low temperatures….Completely eco-friendly


Horses worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, often millions, are trained on our woodfibre and at Ransfords we understand that to any owner, their horse is invaluable and deserves the best too.

With Ransfords bark free woodfibre we can provide you with an outstanding yet cost effective all-weather surface.

If you would like to receive a quotation or a free sample of Ransfords bark free woodfibre please call our Equestrian Division on 01588 638331 or Enquire Here about our Riding Surfaces.