Work under way on our new treatment plant

This is the scene as work starts on the construction of our new treatment plant. Part of a programme of continual investment at the mill, it will greatly improve the efficiency of this part of our operation. Due for commissioning in January 2019, we’ll report further on this project in...(more)

It’s f_f_freezing, so please bear with us if there’s a delay in your order

The temperatures have plunged so low here in Shropshire that material is freezing solid even in our fully insulated treatment plant. These order were treated yesterday and left to dry off overnight. As you can see, it was so cold that icicles have formed on the packs. The temperature this...(more)

Back to school at Brockhampton

Great to see outdoor learning and play resources being installed at Brockhampton School in Worcestershire using Great British Timber from Ransfords. The school, which is rated 'good' by Ofsted has a strategic objective to be rated 'outstanding'. In our business we know that there is much more to learn than...(more)

Glad to be a sponsor of the Long Mynd Batch Burner

The Long Mynd Batch Burner is a 48 kilometre mountain bike challenge which has become a mainstay of the mounting biking calendar. The event is designed to test the mettle of any mountain biker - and to raise money for Norbury Primary School, a tiny rural school located behind the...(more)

Happy Christmas!


Using a Scottish haulier to maximise efficiency for a Scottish delivery

In our industry as in many others the efficiency of the delivery system can make all the difference to cost for the customer and to the bottom line for us. Those things aside, it seems to us just plain common sense to apply the same search for smart solutions to...(more)

The magic of Christmas in Bishop’s Castle

You'd have to be made of stone not to feel at least a twinge of excitement as Christmas approaches. It's in the air, in the faces of our children and grandchildren, and somehow it's there in the fact that for whatever reason, people are - for however brief a moment -...(more)

Old School Visitors

We were delighted to welcome students from Bishop's Castle Community College recently for a talk about forestry and sawmilling with particular reference to our operations here. Many of the people working at the mill attended that same school and many of the visitors were children, grandchildren or other relations of...(more)