The first test load in our new Timber Treatment Centre

Almost 7 months to the day since work started, this video shows the first test load starting its journey through our new fully automated Timber Treatment Centre. It's another exciting milestone in the project which will dramatically improve the efficiency and efficacy of our treatment. The picture below shows the load...(more)

It’s that time of year again!

Each year it's a pleasure and a privilege for us to supply a tree from one of own forests to our home town of Bishop's Castle. It needs to be sizeable to make its presence felt next to the historic Town Hall - an 18th Century Grade II* Listed Building which dominates...(more)

No part of the log shall be wasted

This is almost an 11th commandment for people in the timber trade and it's as important to Ransfords as anyone. The more material we recover from every tree felled the more efficient we are and the more competitive we can be. This short clip shows small diameter round wood (the...(more)

Here’s a sight for sore eyes

A whole load of Great British Timber being delivered in an appropriately liveried vehicle. In fact, the vehicle is from the fleet of our new haulage partner RL Holding who are registered under the FORS Scheme, taking a load of post and rail fencing, treated to Highways Agency standards, to the A14 improvements for...(more)

A 100 year old timber framed cottage now re-clad in Great British Timber from Ransfords.

When the owners of this cottage in deeply rural Wiltshire discovered the place in 1993 it was love at first sight. “Wood houses are a sensible choice especially in regard to maintenance and economy. People fail to realise how naturally warm they are and, to be honest, all of the...(more)

An astonishing transformation

These two aerial view of our Bishop's Castle sawmill were taken about 50 years apart in the 1960's and earlier this year. We've circled two points common to each to help you get orientated. They're about all that remain of the original buildings. The rest in the modern picture is...(more)

Big thinking in Southampton

At their highest, these acoustic fencing panels stand 12 metres tall. Designed to reduce the impact of noise from a new warehouse development on the residential properties shown in the picture, the fencing was installed by Procter Fencing Systems, one of the most respected fencing installation companies in the UK...(more)

Keeping it very local

The larch posts on this wagon were cut from one of our own forest holdings at Aberhosen in Powys which is just up the road from us here in Bishop's Castle in Shropshire. On their way down from there they will have driven past the site of the new by-pass at...(more)