Meet the new kit on the block

Volvo L90F

We bought the Volvo L90F on the right this week after spotting it on the internet. It’s a smart piece of kit with a low emission engine, precision steering, automatic power shift, and an intelligent load sensing system.

We normally buy new but since this had only seen the equivalent of a year’s service in a Scottish distillery it seemed like a sound machine to replace an L70 which we had bought new in 1999. We maintain all our vehicles like this in a specially equipped workshop on site – with our own trained vehicle technician.

The vehicles get a huge amount of TLC – not just because we respect equipment like this but because of the sheer amount of work they do for us. Every year the Volvos lift around 80,000 tons of logs between them as they unload from the delivery wagons and then lift them again to feed the mill. It means the now retired L70 lifted over a million tons of logs in its working lifetime. Like some of the people around here, these vehicles may not have travelled far from Bishop’s Castle but they’re no strangers to hard work!

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