Local Sales

We sell small quantities of the following products at our weighbridge on a cash and carry basis.

Hours of opening are:

8am to 4:30pm – Monday to Friday.
8:30am to 12noon – Saturday. (Closed on Sunday)

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SHED 6' x 4' £250 (inclusive) ex yard
Can be supplied flat pack or complete for ease of handling. Delivery extra.
Different sizes can be made to order
Payment due at time of order
Enquiries to the Weighbridge
Telephone 01588-630916
Email: [email protected]

Bark Nuggets

A very useful bark mulch to suppress garden weeds and keep borders looking tidy.

Spruce Ornamental Bark

Conifer bark mulch which is easy to spread to keep borders tidy and suppress weed growth.

Red Ornamental Bark

An attractive garden mulch ideal for keeping border tidy and suppressing weeds.

Composted Fine Bark

An organic soil conditioner which, mixed into the soil, will give it real heart.


Ideal for making garden pathways, as a garden mulch and in animal runs.

Biomass Woodchip

With 20-25% moisture and Biomass Suppliers List Authorised number BSL0465623-0001.

Equestrian Bark Free Gallop

Bark free and uncontaminated with waste woods, this high quality and versatile surface is very well established with professionals and hobbyists alike.

Equestrian Bark Free Arena & Turnout Woodfibre

The most durable wood on the market providing a firm, safe riding surface

Playfibre – Playgrade Standard

When laid to sufficient depth under play equipment it will cushion the impact of falls.

Wood Shavings (unbagged)

Clean shavings for large and small animal bedding.


Clean 'green' sawdust (undried) ideal for use as animal bedding