Whilst we’re all in favour of electronic communication you sometimes can’t beat having the piece of paper in front of you with the information you need.
That’s where these downloads come in. There’s all kinds of information ranging from a look at the properties of timber and its contribution to the environment, to detailed drawings of our noise barriers and the test certificates which prove their efficacy.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for please let us know.

Wood for Good
Wood for Good
has launched a series of short films promoting the environmental benefits of using wood. They are really excellent – the best attempt yet at communicating this important message. Click on the link in to view ‘Follow the Tree’ – a short film showing how over 40 years, a hectare of forest stores 483 tonnes of CO2 

Click on this link to view our FSC certificate Charles Ransford  Son Ltd FSC 2019-01

Download a copy of our Certificate of Conformity to the Factory Production Control (CE Mark) here

Download our Declaration of Performance for our acoustic panels here

Download a copy of our Certification to comply with ISO 9001:2015 and the National Highway Sector Schemes here

Download a copy of our Carbon Footprint Policy Statement here

New pack sizes for standard products: download information Ransford Pack Sizes – July 2017

Guidance on why there are sometimes variations in the colour of treated timber