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New log infeed and butt reducer installed

We spent part of the summer shut down installing a new log infeed and butt reducer to speed up the process of preparing the logs for debarking then cutting. The new line – being delivered and craned into place in the pictures above – was made by Holtec in Germany with the old taken out… Read more »

A perfect load with an excellent transport partner

This pictures shows 55 bays of 4m high acoustic fencing (2m bays to be stacked on top of each other to reach the desired height) with each and every fitting needed to assemble them on site all loaded on one delivery using David Ford’s low loading trailer.  The load is London-bound to a project being… Read more »

Record breaking days

It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were announcing the busiest month in the history of our sawmill but here we are again: May was the busiest month ever and it’s entirely possible that June will beat it. The intense activity in the mill itself is, of course, matched with similar activity in both… Read more »

BBC DIY SOS: the big build

Viewers of BBC1 might have seen an episode of DIY SOS: the big build from Hopesay, Shropshire recently which helped a local family rebuild their home, and their lives. Hopesay is just a few miles from us here at Bishop’s Castle. After a series of misfortunes the family were left with a house and garden… Read more »

From sawmill to site: another busy day, another big delivery

Our first picture shows posts being incised for a project at Norwich Airport for Arbus. The recently installed incising equipment means that Ransfords are one of just a few companies who are able to offer pressure impregnated timber for fencing, stiles, gates and factory built acoustic fencing panels compliant with the exacting standards for ‘highway… Read more »

A busy morning at Ransfords

As the days get longer things have gone from busy to extremely busy at our Bishop’s Castle sawmill. This sequence shows us loading posts for a delivery to a valued customers in the south of England who is also flat out. The vehicle being loaded from our local transport partner DR & FA Ford Ltd… Read more »

Containing the noise from the car wash

These Ransford acoustic fencing panels have been installed around the carwash at the Asda superstore in Redditch to contain the noise created by the carwash itself and the ancillary equipment. The panels were installed by Procter Contracts who have developed an excellent reputation for carrying out work like this to a very high standard. “It… Read more »

Full steam ahead on the Bicester line

The Bicester to Oxford collaboration is a large railway engineering project which includes building a new one kilometre section of railway to connect the Bicester Town to Oxford line to the Chiltern main line, widening the existing track bed and doubling over 18km of track. It is expected to deliver a wide range of economic… Read more »

Ringsakiddy expands quietly – thanks to Mulligan Fencing & Ransfords

Ringsakiddy near Cork in the Republic of Ireland is seeing a massive €100m redevelopment of its harbour as part of the general resurgence in the Irish economy. As well as being a key port it is an important industrial centre. This load of Ransfords acoustic fencing panels, ordered by Ireland’s premier provider and installer of… Read more »