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Like Parliament, we’re closing a little early for Easter

In the light of the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak we have taken measures to safeguard our employees and will be closing the site at Bishops Castle from close of business on 27th March. Our intention is to re-open just after Easter on Tuesday 14th April, circumstances permitting. Of course, we will be reviewing… Read more »

A sight for saw(!) eyes

There’s no better sight for a sawmiller than trailers all loaded with timber ready for delivery all over the UK. Every cubic metre of it was grown in the UK, some of it on our own forests, part of the more than 80,000 cubic metres we process each year at our solar powered mill.

The new chip store is working exactly as it’s designed to

In order to better manage the peaks and troughs in demand for woodchips we’ve constructed a new store here at our mill in Bishop’s Castle. These two pictures show it in operation with a chipper outside working on undersized logs and feeding chips into the store. You can see the operation in a video clip… Read more »

Lovely morning, lovely load!

Maybe we should get out more but some days just start perfectly: a cracking, bright frosty morning here in Bishop’s Castle and a trailer load of UC4 treated redwood ready to leave us for the customer. What more could anyone ask for?

A distinct improvement

These two pictures were taken almost exactly two years apart. Above is the demolition of the old, run-down buildings where, as we see in the picture below, our new Timber Treatment Centre now stands. At the right of the bottom picture you can see the line of posts for the fencing we’re currently erecting to… Read more »

Keeping our neighbours’ feet dry!

We’ve been tidying up the boundary of the site where our new Timber Treatment Centre stands, both to reduce the impact of our operations on neighbours and to present a tidier face to them. As part of this work we’d thought we’d give the muddy footpath which runs alongside the boundary a top dressing of… Read more »

Air dried Larch

Here’s another benefit to increased storage capacity at our mill: 3.6m larch boards kept in the dry ready and waiting for swift delivery. Larch of course is incredibly durable and has become very popular for use as cladding as well as being a traditional material for fencing. Delivered in bundles of 160, there’s plenty more… Read more »

All chip-shape and Bristol fashion

It’s a process of constant improvement here at Ranfords both in how we mill and treat the timber and how we make certain that we get the most value out of every bit iof timber we handle. This newly completed chip store (complete with Great Brtish Timber Yorkshire Boarding) means we can store more material… Read more »

Frosty morning, Bishop’s Castle

We count ourselves most fortunate to live and work in such beautiful surroundings, never more so than on mornings like this. Here in Bishop’s Castle it’s bright and sunny with the air like Champagne. The biomass boiler and kilns in our mill are steaming away and after what at times was a stormy week all… Read more »

A picture perfect acoustic installation

As the very last of the concrete storage area around our Timber Treatment Centre is poured (above) we’re cracking on with the installation of the acoustic fencing barrier which will reduce noise which might drift over from our long-established sawmill to the relatively new homes nearby. Panels like these are used throughout the UK near… Read more »