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A powerful combination of technology and tradition

  There’s no denying that many of the people at our Bishop’s Castle sawmill hold a lifelong fascination with machinery of any kind. Whether it’s designed to pull, lift, cut, harvest, process or move stuff machinery is interesting and it’s fun: and it really doesn’t matter whether it was made last week or last century…. Read more »


What do you do with 520 wooden posts and 8km of wooden boards? The answer, if you’re is: build a maze! Farmer Ted’s Farm Park is a family attraction near Ormskirk in Lancashire and, as part of a programme of development, they have undertaken the construction of an intricate maze to amuse and bemuse… Read more »

Remembering Alan Evans

Around 500 people from Bishop’s Castle, from Shropshire and the midlands, and many from much further afield (including Holland!) gathered at St John the Baptist Church on Saturday 14th January for the funeral of Mr Alan Evans, a major shareholder in Charles Ransford & Son Ltd. His family have been deeply touched by the many… Read more »

Mr Alan Evans 1942-2016

We are sad to report the death of Mr Alan Evans, a major shareholder in Charles Ransford & Son Ltd of Bishop’s Castle and a Director of the company. Alan was one of the key players in saving the sawmill from bankruptcy in 1978 when he and his older brother Brian bought the mill for… Read more »

Reducing vehicle movements in the mill yard

We’ve invested in this Terberg unit to move trailers around the yard at our Bishop’s Castle sawmill. It’s safer for the operator to use since there’s no need to get out of the vehicle to hitch the trailer. It reduces the number of vehicle movements in and out of the yard and makes the place much safer for… Read more »

Meet the new kit on the block

We bought the Volvo L90F on the right this week after spotting it on the internet. It’s a smart piece of kit with a low emission engine, precision steering, automatic power shift, and an intelligent load sensing system. We normally buy new but since this had only seen the equivalent of a year’s service in… Read more »

Andrew joins the team at Ransfords

We’re delighted to welcome Andrew Masterman to our sales team. Andrew is well known in the industry and has huge experience in timber sales. He will be working in the north, complementing the work of Chris Offa (South West) and Phil Smith (South East). You can contact Andrew on 07799 697729

More pictures from Borders Rail

More images have arrived from contractor Mulligan Fencing showing the important part played by both Ransfords acoustic panels and other timber fencing in the Borders Rail Project. Whilst the acoustic fencing panels reduce the impact of noise, the other timber fencing placed in close proximity to housing provides an aesthetcially pleasing boundary between the homes… Read more »

Ransfords acoustic fencing panels along new Border Railway

The new Border Rail between Edinburgh and Tweedbank in the borders is the longest new domestic line in the UK for more than a century so we’re proud that Ransfords acoustic fencing panels are used at intervals along its length to mitigate noise where the line comes close to housing, schools and station buildings. Running… Read more »

Our 100,000th order since 2004

We passed a significant milestone when RGH Supplies placed their most recent order on 30th October – it was the 100,000th since we introduced our new system in 2004. Based in West Sussex, RGH are a long standing and valued customer who take mainly post and rail, close board and acoustic fencing panel product from… Read more »