At Ransfords we see it as an obligation to make the most of every part of the log: it contributes to our overall efficiency and it’s better overall for the environment. So, we now produce around 5k tons per annum of woodchip dried to 20-25% moisture content and Biomass Suppliers List Authorised. The woodchip is a natural co-product of the saw milling process.

Our drying plant (fuelled by dried woodchips!) was installed as part of a £1.5million investment which saw the installation of over 2000 solar panels on the vast rooves of our sawmill and ancillary buildings which, between them, are capable of generating over 600kw of electricity. Astonishingly it means that timber, a natural raw material which is produced by the conversion of sunlight through photosynthesis is now being milled into useful products by means of the same solar energy.