Month: November 2015

Ransfords acoustic fencing panels along new Border Railway

The new Border Rail between Edinburgh and Tweedbank in the borders is the longest new domestic line in the UK for more than a century so we’re proud that Ransfords acoustic fencing panels are used at intervals along its length to mitigate noise where the line comes close to housing, schools and station buildings. Running… Read more »

New incising equipment installed and operational to meet new treatment standards for Highways Agency contracts….

The new Highways Agency treatment standard specifies that all timber in ground contact must be incised. In order to deliver against this specification Ransfords have made a significant investment in specialist equipment capable of achieving the Highways Agency criteria. This investment has been made ahead of the results of the WPA field trials which the… Read more »

Quality Assurance audit successfully completed

We have just been audited and found to meet the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and the National Highways Sector Schemes. The scope of the certification covers all our output including our noise barriers and our timber treatment processes. You can see a copy of our certificate here.

Our 100,000th order since 2004

We passed a significant milestone when RGH Supplies placed their most recent order on 30th October – it was the 100,000th since we introduced our new system in 2004. Based in West Sussex, RGH are a long standing and valued customer who take mainly post and rail, close board and acoustic fencing panel product from… Read more »