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At the forefront of the surfacing market for over 20 years Ransford Equestrian combines the latest advances in timber technology with all the eco-friendly natural benefits of wood to provide the best quality and most durable equestrian woodfibre on the market.

Your horse is invaluable to you and deserves the best: Ransfords bark free woodfibre provides you with an outstanding, cost effective all-weather surface.


equestrian_cRansfords Equestrian Woodfibre:  bark free and uncontaminated with waste woods, this high quality and versatile surface is very well established on the equestrian market.

We choose only the best wood with natural preservatives to give additional lifespan and wood that is chosen for its ground contact durability – the all important factor. (The species used by Ransfords are highly resistant to decay in their natural state, due to high levels of organic chemicals calledextractives, mainly polyphenols, that are deposited in the heartwood of certain tree species as the tree grows and converts sapwood to heartwood.)

This powerful combination makes it far more durable than any other wood surfacing product that can be sourced anywhere in the UK.  Ransfords continues to be the top supplier in the equestrian woodfibre market. It is effective in the most demanding equestrian environments and suitable for:

  • All weather Gallops
  • Arenas
  • Round Pens
  • Turnouts
  • Laminitics


  • The most durable wood on the market
  • Firm, safe riding surface
  • Characteristic bounce
  • Extremely good tendon protection
  • Builds muscle and stamina
  • Good in low temperatures
  • Completely eco-friendly


Horses worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, often millions, are trained on our woodfibre and at Ransfords we understand that to you, your horse is invaluable and deserves the best too.

With Ransfords bark free woodfibre we can provide you with an outstanding yet cost effective all-weather surface.

If you would like to receive a quotation or a free sample of Ransfords bark free woodfibre please call our Equestrian Division on 01588 638331 or Enquire Here about our Riding Surfaces.