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The early bird has no chance with these worms

There are things that none of us think about until someone comes along and asks if we can make it. The answer is usually yes because the team here are experienced, resourceful and flexible. So when a local farmer asked if we could make worm trays the answer was yes and then the question was: what’s a worm tray?… Read more »

Efficiency is the key

Someone once said that ‘efficiency is doing better what is already being done’. It’s something we take to heart around here and which we try to apply at every stage of the operation. So, if a wagon is leaving the yard we try to make sure its full: it is simply more efficient that way. Full… Read more »

As we were saying…

Further proof (if any were really needed!) of the fascination with vehicles of any kind that afflicts many members of the team here at Ransfords. On the left, the 1947 Foden bought by Arthur Evans who was the Great Grandfather of our Operations Director Alistair Evans. On the right is the new Scania truck featured in our… Read more »

A powerful combination of technology and tradition

  There’s no denying that many of the people at our Bishop’s Castle sawmill hold a lifelong fascination with machinery of any kind. Whether it’s designed to pull, lift, cut, harvest, process or move stuff machinery is interesting and it’s fun: and it really doesn’t matter whether it was made last week or last century…. Read more »

If you’ve never heard of a cow kennel – read on.

Our customer Farmplus of Preston have made more than a name for themselves in the design and construction of Cow Kennels which, with their size and multi-span design, provide excellent ventilation for a healthier herd. Healthier and happier cows are also more productive so it’s a win/win. All the timber uprights in this picture are… Read more »

It’s time to give the mill some full-on maintenance

The mill will not be running from 5pm on Friday 28th July until 8am on Monday 7th August so that we can undertake scheduled maintenance. Most of those who work in the mill will be taking a well-earned rest during that time but the office will be staffed and, of course, we’ll be more than happy… Read more »

There’s nothing more natural than post and rail in a rural setting

We’ve been using timber of one kind another to mark boundaries or contain livestock since Adam was a lad – so much so that we probably take it for granted. This picture however reminds us that there is nothing more natural, functional or effective than post and rail fencing in a rural setting. Great British… Read more »

More reason than ever to stick with Great British Timber

Wood Resources International reports that globally traded softwood lumber reached an all-time high in 2016 with an estimated 118 million m3 of lumber traded – about 10 % more than in 2015. Major importers of timber were the US and China followed by the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany. Given the fluctuation in currency markets… Read more »

Our Company Secretary Steve Green marks 40 years at Ransfords

Steve  joined Ransfords as a career progression in June 1977 after relatively brief spells working in accounts at other Shropshire firms. Within 12 months it became apparent that the business – which at that time employed over 120 people – was facing severe financial problems. Steve was instrumental in organising the purchase of the business… Read more »

Updated guide to effective specification of acoustic fencing panels now available

We’ve produced an updated version of our guide to the effective specification of acoustic fencing panels for those seeking to reduce the impact of noise from roads, railways, and industrial or commercial activity. The guide addresses key specification issues, environmental and aesthetic considerations and social and economic factors. It also provides details of our range… Read more »